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Peacock Group is known for their successful Training programs; in hospitality, industrial catering and educational intuitions especially in schools.

Service Excellence
This proactive program encompasses all the essential guest service techniques required to deliver a WOW factor for any hotel’s success. The associates are taught to identify needs and keep delivering a level of service that ensures loyalty and increased profits

Smart Sales
The sales challenges are broken in small scoops; to understand the need of a focused sales delivery technique. Making an informed smart goal is emphasized in this interactive work shop. Being an effective salesperson requires a firm understanding of the "psychological triggers" in the decision making process. We build their confidence to learn new sales tactics in leveraging buyers. Ultimately closing MORE deals is a true sales dream

Kitchen Hygiene and Sanitation
This program is an excellent course for training new or experienced food handlers in proper sanitation and hygiene procedures. The program stresses importance of various bacteria, ideal food temperatures, handling raw foods , cross contamination, food storage, cleaning practices, sanitizing procedures, pest control. Personal hygiene is emphasized in a detailed manner.

House Keeping
Considering the background of the work force employed in House keeping Department, it seems obvious that they do not have the proper knowledge and concepts of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. There is a vacuum, between the expected performance standards and the performance skills. The management expect those standards, which normally are practiced and call for in-detail cleaning and proper preventive maintenance systems. This program covers essentials of “Why Clean is not clean enough”?

“Etiquette” for Schools
Etiquette can change with time, culture, country and situation. This program has three modules to cover primary, junior and senior children and talks about both social and dining skills with practical demos/role models from Hospitality industry.

Customized Trainings
We offer tailor made programs fitting the exact needs of the organisation; for instance many companies look at hotel productivity skills or simply a better communication skill in reservations/ front office operations. After a careful questionnaire, we gather inputs from senior personnel of the hotel and evolve an effective package.