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Hotel / Resort Managem


We will work with the Client and their representatives in ensuring that the correct “functional” layouts are incorporated into the resort.

Provide operational inputs and assist in the space programming & finalization of drawings of the following Back of the House (BOH) areas.

  • Kitchen and ancillary areas.
  • House keeping areas, pantry, laundry and linen room.
  • Stores, receiving, cold storage, dry and wet storage.
  • Staff facilities.
  • Administrative offices and areas.
  • Engineering workshop and control room

Provide operational inputs and assist in the space programming & finalization of drawings of the following Public Areas (PA).

  • All food and beverage outlets.
  • Front office, reception, lounge and lobby.
  • Recreational areas – Swimming Pool / Health Club.
  • Business center.
  • Banquet and conference facilities.

Provide operational inputs for the in-room facilities and their positioning.

Concerning interior design, whilst we are not an interior design company and do not pretend to be, we have a great deal of expertise in the usability, wear and tear and general recommendations as to what will function well and last for a sufficient period of time. We can give input on any concepts that may be introduced such as restaurant, bars, health spa, banquet space.

We will be present at site meetings and other gatherings of consultants etc. and coordinate / clarify issues related to Operations.


During this period we will be involved in an advisory capacity and assist in the following:

  • Put in place an effective Operating System. This will include creation of Standard Operating Procedure document for Hotel.
  • Identifying the various specific operational requirements and provide the developer with itemized operating equipment and supplies list and advising on their procurement
  • Design & Setting up Management Information Systems and reporting systems.
  • In the area of food and beverage we would be involved with the resorts senior personnel in creating and developing menus in all areas such as, the restaurants, pool, bar, room service, banqueting and party catering, in addition, a full set of food and beverage control systems would be installed.
  • Specific advice would be given with regard to health and safety measures and fire precautions and procedures within the property.
  • A preventive maintenance programme would be put into place to establish proper monitoring of plant and operating equipment in order that cost efficiency is achieved and heavy expenditure later on in the properties life is kept to a minimum.
  • Advise on :
    1.H R policy.
    2.Organizational structure and hierarchy.
    3.Manpower planning.
    4.Sourcing and Recruitment.
    5.Development of job specifications for each task / category.
    6.Advice on the wage structure.
    7.Identify the training needs and suggest time schedules and training modules for specified requirements.
  • Chairing meetings such as Morning operations meetings, P&L and weekly sales meet and debriefs to give an idea to the developer and the manger.
  • Run the day to day operations after the launch for an agreed time frame.
  • Grand launch of the hotel with the help of an action plan. Positioning Strategy, Marketing Plan & orporate Identity
  • Based on appropriate market research and given its location and existing infrastructure, we would be able to document and freeze a clear positioning strategy for the Hotel and give a Marketing Plan for the same.
  • We would train the sales team along with assisting in the production of a pre opening brochure.
  • We will introduce trade forums such as Skal, KTF etc and contact all major TAs as we have good relations with them.
  • Assist in the creation of a ‘Corporate Identity’ and provide inputs for designs for various collaterals & graphic requirements. This will be in coordination with the “Advertising agency OR Branding Agency”
Financial Projections
  • We will assess and quantify market demand along with a competition analysis
  • Project estimated operating and income statements of the hotel based on the analysis of the market, the product description and identified demand segment
  • This will help the promoters in planning their working capital & cash flow requirements.

Once open and up and running we can play an advisory role in the full operational management of the property. We would be in regular contact with the resort and be monitoring all aspects of the resorts operations.

Regular monthly visits by us will ensure that the resorts short and long-term goals are achieved, controls monitored and standards constantly maintained and improved.

Regular meetings of the management will be established to ensure excellent communications within the resort, such as Standards, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Accounts, and Monthly reviews along with the usual departmental meetings. The Sales team would be monitored by us along with all other aspects of the resorts controls and procedures


Peacock Group

Peacock Group has the expertise to provide the sales and marketing solutions to hotels, resorts and service apartments. We follow a hands-on approach with a pulse on the market trends through personal contacts and online methods. Our associates are members at the prestigious travel and hotel associations such as Skal International, Karnataka tourism forum, Bangalore Chamber of commerce and many more. Kindly note below some of our assignments in the sales and marketing area completed successfully; enhancing both the bottom lines and developing repeat guests.

Best Western Premier La Marvella

This hi-tech 5 star hotel is located at south Bangalore in the heart of IT hub, the hand held I touch performs all the functions, opening the doors, ordering room service or simply viewing movies. We positioned it as a smart businessman’s hotel: our role as below:

  • Developed a comprehensive marketing & sales plan, which provided exposure in the local media, TV channels and radio.
  • Recruited and trained Sales Director, 4 executives and a coordinator.
  • Leading the team from the front; introducing them into the IT, Pharmaceutical, real Estate markets through personal introduction; since we had the networking advantage.
  • Created a large CVGR (corporate volume guaranteed rate) base through this team and ensured that a large chunk of business was achieved. (This was 70% of the total room revenue realizing about 3.5 million rupees per month besides F&B).
  • Organized a wide network of local and national travel agents, signing TAC agreements.
  • Participated in Travel and Tourism Expos: IITM, Travel tourism fest etc.

Visit :


Park Field Resotel :

This four star resort hotel just out side Bangalore has a 33 acre expanse; ideal for residential conferences and general leisure.

  • Organized a team of 6 sales experts and trained them.
  • Developed many room packages floating them nationally. For example- summer packages, SPA specials…
  • Media coverage for the regular food festivals and large events (New Years Eve, Music shows...)
  • Activity centre was focused and converted into a buzzing zone; Day packages were introduced for the corporate functions. This generated Rs. 2 million per month.

Visit :


Guhantara Under ground Resort :

India’s only total underground resort, having 36 lithic rooms, Pool, Amphi theatre, Ayurvedic Spa and restaurants. This unique concept again was marketed innovatively.

  • Families with kids were focused on family pack room package; this ensured that the kids had a great time while the parents relaxed at Spa and outlets
  • Corporate day outs were made very popular
  • Promoted local skills and village games through food fests.
  • Tied up with companies for large event sponsor ships- Singer Shankar Mahadevan Band, New Year’s Party etc.
  • Set the sales team in the city and tied up GSAs in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Visit :

The above provides an idea of our marketing skills and the brand building capabilities, some of the other hotels we promoted in other cities are:

  • Hotel Clinton Park : 60 room business hotel at Velainkanni, a pilgrimage centre in Tamil Nadu
  • Hotel Time Square : 50 room’s boutique property at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Hotel Sunway : 70 room hotel in Pondicherry.
  • Queens Way Park : 40 room service apartments, Bangalore.


Facility Planning

Peacock Group will carry out:
Once the concept is frozen we could play as consultants in the development and execution of the project.

Industrial Kitchen designs

Equipment Recommendation & Procurement

The type of equipment selected is very crucial, as it will determine the efficiency of production and the desired quality of the end product. Naturally budgets, productivity and operating specs will be of prime considerations. Services will encompass the identification of the appropriate equipment, developing a comparative analysis, which highlights the advantages or disadvantages of relevant equipment for selection. This will be based on potential productivity, efficiency, ease of operations and aesthetic value. Sourcing and receiving of quotations of relevant equipment from international and domestic suppliers will be done, assisting in the ordering process. A major parameter considered in recommending a product would be ‘serviceability’ of the product.

BOQ and equipment will be presented.

Site Assessment & Project Study

  • We will cover details on various relevant issues such as location,physical layouts, equipment, infrastructure, accessibility and logistics.
  • Discussions with Promoters
  • Drawings from the Engineer
  • Outlet Concept

Make suggestions and assist in preparing a finalized concept for the outlet. Once the concept has been finalized and frozen, will be able to move on with the other steps involved.

Preliminary Financials

Design & Layout of Restaurant & Kitchen

This encompasses the design and layout of the restaurant, Kitchen and support areas to result in the maximum utilization and potential of space. In case of the service areas, considerations will be given to plumbing, drainage, water supply, electrical loads, grease traps and ventilation - in order to ensure that each area is well utilized and allows for ease of operations thus resulting in greater efficiency.

Work Flow
This will encompass the positioning of specific areas to result in the most ideal work flow providing a synergy of efforts maximizing efficiency and increasing productivity thus reducing relative costs and generating higher profitability for the owners.

Equipment Recommendation & Procurement
The type equipment selected is very crucial, as it will determine the efficiency of production and the desired quality of the end product. Naturally, budgets, productivity and operating specs will be of prime considerations.

Operating systems & MIS
Human Resource
Assist in identifying and recruiting suitable personnel for the operations. Based on the style of operations and quality goals, determine the staffing equirements, preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Menu Concept
Assist in the development of a menu that adheres to and complements the outlet concept. This includes the style of cuisine, menu categories, and sectional menu mix and pricing recommendation.

Design agency and Branding
Assist in creating a brand identity for the restaurant. Coordination with professional Design agency.

Operational Review
Visit the kitchen over the first few months of operation and prepare subsequent reports on the findings. Highlight remedial suggestions to refine various elements of production, operations.

Handle the Day to Day Management of the Restaurant / Food Outlet by putting in place a professional team and monitoring their activities.


Research & Analysis

  • Site / Location Evaluation
  • Concept Documentation & Finalization
  • Demand Assessment
  • Segments – Corporate, Leisure, residential / shoppers / Others
  • Markets – Dine in / Home Delivery / Outdoor / Banquets
  • Preliminary Competitive Landscape
  • Project Cost Estimate and Financial Projections



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